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Re: Partitioning advice, 13.9 GB HD

"Ben Kal" <benkal@euronet.nl> writes:
> AFAIK the guide to the size of swap is the amount of RAM: make it equal to
> or twice that amount. By that standard you can cut down swap at least to
> half what you now plan to make it. I don't know if Linux would like to
> fill swap space with the iso image when a cd burner is busy but I doubt it.
[more snippage]

AFAIK this isn't true of Linux. Some Unices required this in the
past. The one I remember was HP-UX. If it did a kernel dump it copied
memory to swap (for analysis (did anybody ever analyze a 128MB kernel
image dump?)) and so you had to have enough swap space to hold the
contents of the memory in case the kernel dumped.

For Linux the amount of swap is like the size of /usr/local (or
/opt). It's dependent on how you use the machine. I think it's
generally true that it's a good idea to have a bit of swap (128MB is
my typical minimum), but after that it's dependent on what you do with
your machine. If you're running X + Gnome + Openoffice on a 64MB
system you'll need a LOT of swap. If you're running in console mode
and use the same system for C app-development, for example, you
probably won't need much swap.


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