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Re: Partitioning advice, 13.9 GB HD

On some suse installs, I couldn't get the install to work because it said that 
ReiserFS, which I use for all partitions,  needed more space.  It accepted 
smaller sizes for ext2 and ext3, but I prefer ReiserFS.  Don't remember how 
much it required, but my other boxes are set all above 100 MB, and I'm not 
worried about 30-40 extra MB, I'm worried about wasting space with 1 and 2 GB 

My friend has just emailed back saying that Debian doesn't use opt at all, 
that's a quirk of suse, so I'm changing the setup to add more to var, where 
he says the deb files go (var/cache/apt/archives), so I'm looking at this:

/               2 GB
/boot       140 MB
/opt 	        500
/tmp	        1 GB
/usr          2 GB
/var          2.76 GB
/home     5 GB/balance
swap      500 MB

Should swap be larger with 128 MB Ram, dealing with 700 MB+ iso images (my 
burner is on this box).  Did I make opt too small?

Thanks again


On Wednesday 04 June 2003 16:13, Jose wrote:
> Hi,
> lists1 wrote:
> >Here's my partition scheme.  Opinion?
> >The box is 1.3 Ghz, 128 MB ram, single 13.9 GB hard disk. Planned use, is
> >light apache, light bind, light mail server (debian mailing list will be
> > the heaviest use).  With X and some gui apps (see below).
> >
> >/          2000    MB
> >/boot  140      MB
> /boot seems way too big unless you intend to use it for strange things
> or want to have a very large amount of kernel images. Mine is 8 MB, with
> two kernel images (current and old) and never had a problem because of
> that, with 5MB normally free on this partition.
> Haven't got a clue about the rest.
> Bye
> Jose

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