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Re: kdm init files and xmodmap

on Wed, Jun 04, 2003 at 11:18:56AM -0200, Tal Eisenberg (eisental@012.net.il) wrote:
> I realize that I'm again "stealing" the thread... I just wanted to say that I 
> really had no intention of doing that (How does the list server know i 
> replied if I changed the subject?). Anyways, sorry for the inconvinience I 
> will post my question again on a new thread.

Please use postfix quoting format:  your reply goes below the material
cited.  Trim your quotes appropriately and ensure your attributions are

See: http://www.catb.org/~esr/jargon/html/Email-Quotes.html

When starting a new mailing list topic, *don't* reply to an existing
thread.  Instead, start a new post.

Why?  Because most mail clients will insert the "In-Reply-To:" or
"References:" mail headers.  And many clients use these headers to
construct threaded views of a discussion.  Your reply will then appear
as a response to some thread to which it's not related.  This is
regardless of whether you change the topic or not.

People who've decided this thread is of no further interest will skip
over your post.  You're likely to receive fewer useful responses to your

For your own good:  use your mailer's "new message" function, not the
reply option, when asking a new question.

Thank you.

(Above are standard rants in

> Thanks for pointing that out, Tal.
> On Wednesday 04 June 2003 01:57, Bob Proulx wrote:
> > Please do not steal the thread by just replying to a conversation in
> > mid-stride.  Replying to an existing thread of conversation and just
> > changing the subject line is called thread stealing.  It's considered
> > rude.  If you want to start a new thread of conversation please just
> > start a new email message and not a reply to an existing message.
> >
> > You can see how your message is stuck in the middle of the other
> > thread of conversation "Knoppix ISO image is 715MB - How Do I burn it
> > ?" by looking here.  People not interested in that conversation will
> > delete the entire thread and very probably never see or read your
> > message which will be deleted along with the entire rest of the thread.
> >
> > 
> > http://lists.debian.org/debian-user/2003/debian-user-200306/threads.html#00
> >376
> >
> > Tal Eisenberg wrote:
> > > I have been running xmodmap manualy on every startup for making the
> > > extra buttons work with X. As this is quite annoying to do everytime
> > > I want to put the xmodmap ~/.xmodmaprc line on some init script that
> > > runs on X startup (I'm using KDM). The problem is I just can't find
> > > any file that will actually execute that line and add the new
> > > buttons. Where should I put it?
> >
> > KDM starts X which runs Xsession which will look in .Xmodmap.  If you
> > put your xmodmap into $HOME/.Xmodmap it should be read at start up
> > time.
> >
> > Bob
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