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Re: kdm init files and xmodmap

Please do not steal the thread by just replying to a conversation in
mid-stride.  Replying to an existing thread of conversation and just
changing the subject line is called thread stealing.  It's considered
rude.  If you want to start a new thread of conversation please just
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You can see how your message is stuck in the middle of the other
thread of conversation "Knoppix ISO image is 715MB - How Do I burn it
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delete the entire thread and very probably never see or read your
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Tal Eisenberg wrote:
> I have been running xmodmap manualy on every startup for making the
> extra buttons work with X. As this is quite annoying to do everytime
> I want to put the xmodmap ~/.xmodmaprc line on some init script that
> runs on X startup (I'm using KDM). The problem is I just can't find
> any file that will actually execute that line and add the new
> buttons. Where should I put it?

KDM starts X which runs Xsession which will look in .Xmodmap.  If you
put your xmodmap into $HOME/.Xmodmap it should be read at start up


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