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Re: How to Identify Mailing Lists

* Jürgen A. Erhard (jae@jerhard.org) [030603 13:03]:
> To be usable with all filtering tools, such a procmail, mailagent,
> maildrop etc, we'd need a list of headers, or specific header
> contents, that various MLMs add to mails they explode.

I don't think you'll have much luck with this.  Your best bet is
probably to examine the headers for each list as you subscribe, and
create a new handler for it if necessary each time.

> Or maybe it's easier to just lobby the various MLM authors to add
> List-Id?  If so, where could I find a list of MLMs and their
> respective authors?

You could try this.  I'd bet that most popular MLMs already have
wishlist bugs to support RFC2919, but if you find any that don't it's
probably a good idea to file one.

btw, I filter debian lists via X-Mailing-List: .

good times,
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