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How to Identify Mailing Lists

Hi list.

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I've googled every which way I can, but I didn't find it.  "It" being
a list of identifying markers for various mailing lists.

What I'm looking for is a way to tell a mail filtering tool how to
automatically sort mails from mailing lists.

To be usable with all filtering tools, such a procmail, mailagent,
maildrop etc, we'd need a list of headers, or specific header
contents, that various MLMs add to mails they explode.

For example, this procmail recipe automatically sorts mails coming
from a Mailman ML:


  LISTID=`formail -zc -xList-Id|sed 's/.*<\(.*\)>/\1/'|tr / -`

  * ^List-Id:

BTW, List-Id is defined in RFC2919.  I'd love it if all MLMs would use
that, then this whole problem would be solved.

Does such a list exists?  If not, I'd be willing to (try to) assemble
one.  Probably not that easy due to the various versions in use, and
various local hacks applied.

Or maybe it's easier to just lobby the various MLM authors to add
List-Id?  If so, where could I find a list of MLMs and their
respective authors?

Bye, J

PS: This whole problem bothered me for years now... when I found out
about List-Id, I was happy.  Until I found the adoption rate to
be... depressing.

                            Jürgen A. Erhard
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