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Re: modem compatibilty

Hi John,

> Some months ago I bought a modem as a spare for the wife.

Wow, impressive. No modem can replace *my* wife! ;-)

> The modem is an external one made by (?for) Microcomputer
> Research UK Ltd, uses a serial port and has a model No 1456 
> EVS. The main chip inside the case shows:-
>                         Conextant

Are you sure it's not "Conexant" (confused by Google's output here)?
Anyway, might be a Rockwell type chipset, so that should work.

> Grateful for any assistance or pointers.

I've found wvdial to be of great use:

 Description: PPP dialer with built-in intelligence.
 WvDial sacrifices some of the flexibility of programs like "chat" in
 to make your dialup configuration easier.  When you install this
 your modem will be detected automatically and you need to specify just
 three parameters: the phone number, username, and password.  WvDial
 enough to dial with most modems and log in to most servers without any
 other help.
 In particular, you no longer need a "chat script" to handle the most

That, and pppconfig.

HTH... Nico

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