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Re: xscreensaver not starting with Gnome

On 2 Jun 2003 Joel Konkle-Parker <jjk3@msstate.edu> wrote:

> How do I make xscreensaver start when I log into Gnome? Currently I have
> to  right click on the lock applet > Restart Daemon before I can lock my
> screen.
> I have xscreensaver-gnome 3.34 with Gnome 1.4 on Woody.

Then you probably have to deal with the problem that the Gnome screensaver
configuration tool messes things up. Read

If you don't want to upgrade to versions of xscreensaver and
gnome-control-center that do not have this problem, then configure
xscreensaver by editing
  /etc/X11/app-defaults/XScreenSaver-nogl      for system-wide defaults,
  ~/.xscreensaver (suppose 3.34 has that file) for user customization
and never touch the Gnome screensaver configuration tool.

To make xscreensaver start on every login to Gnome, put the line
  xscreensaver &
before the line

for more info about xscreensaver.



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