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Re: Local copy of mails in IMAP folder?

On Tue, 2003-06-03 at 06:36, Joerg Johannes wrote:
> Hi everybody
> I use kmail/IMAP protocol to read mails for one of my accounts. Today I 
> recognized that I can only read the mails when I am connected to the 
> net. I see the folder contents, but the message bodies are not 
> displayed. Is there a way to get a local copy of those mails, so that I 
> can read them weh I'm offline, too (and archive them on a backup CD)?

Try archivemail, it's great for keeping archives and auto-cleaning you
mailing list folders. It can read from imap, mbox, and maildir, and save
as compressed or uncompressed mbox files suitable for reading with your
favorite mail client.


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