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Problems with fetchmail and exim


I am currently using the latest versions of exim4 and fetchmail to collect mail from a multidrop pop3 mailbox (at pair.com, sorting done using the qvirtual directives).

After a few weeks I've run into to following problems:

1) Many mails (mostly spam, but I can't be 100% sure) have bogus Return-Path headers. Generally there are > 1 with the first one being ok but the later one(s) being bogus. Fetchmail seems to honour the last one and wants to send it's value as the FROM value to the SMTP server which causes it to choke, causing fetchmail to leave the message on the pop3 server.

2) Some mails have no separation between headers and body...then just continue directly after each other instead of using a double new-line. Thus a mail could look like this:

Header 1
Header 2
Header 3
Content 1
Content 2

3) Sometimes fetchmail complains that the expected and real sizes of a mail differs. It always by 2 characters as far as I've seen, but fetchmail refuses to DL the mail.

I'd be vary grateful on any suggestions on how to solve this (people must have experienced similar problems). I've considered using the "antispam 501" directive, but I don't want to drop any mails due to fear of missing one or two important ones.

Thanks in advance,

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