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Re: debian switching monitor off ?

> I have a Debian box which basically just runs syslog.  Every 10 mins
> or so, after no keyboard activity, Debian blanks the monitor out...
> I have Power Saving mode on the monitor OFF.  I find this behaves
> differently to other monitors.
> Is there some Debian power saving feature for the monitor I can turn
> off, I really need this monitor always on.

This is tentative, but this seems to work:

  # to get rid of console blanking, in /etc/rc.d/rc.local put:

	setterm -blank 0

  # For the X server, to get rid of screen blanking and power
  # saving, put into ~./Xclients for each user: 

	xset s off
	xset -dpms

Haines Brown

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