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Re: kernel compile trouble after upgrade

> I haven't needed to try this yet, but I suspect you could insert a line
> "CC=gcc-3.2" in /etc/kernel-pkg.conf to compile your kernels with gcc-3.2
> even if your system's default compiler were gcc-3.3.

seems like a good idea, I'll try it the next time I recompile a kernel

> I don't see why you would need to hold gcc3.2; does it get overwritten by
> gcc-3.3? I have gcc-2.95, gcc-3.0, and gcc-3.2 on my system and they don't
> step on each other.

you're right, but that was not the problem. I thought it might be a good
idea to be able to choose where /usr/bin/gcc links to, without having to
manually 'ln -sf'. it may not be a good idea after all, I don't know


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