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Re: Help with XMMS radio, specifically KPFB

Dale Hair declaimed:
> On Fri, 2003-05-30 at 12:12, paul@mackinney.net wrote:
> > Silly question 3 of 3: XMMS used to come up with KPFB in the playlist,
> > and it would work! Now after tweaking and geeking and getting XMMS to
> > actually play CD ROMs for the first time, I've lost the radion station.
> > I've tried searching for URLs on the web, but nothing I add to the
> > playlist works. XMMS documentation is fairly minimal in this area.
> > Anyone willing (perhaps off-list) to help me with this?
> The mp3 stream is http://aud-one.kpfa.org:8080.
> If you need more help with this or other radio streams I'd be glad to
> help.  I listen to several different stations in mp3, wma, and ra.
That did it, I was using some other bogus URLs that I'd Googled up.


PS: I live in Berkeley, would love to find a good Debian-friendly user
Paul Mackinney

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