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Re: cdrom symlink won't stay linked to /dev/cdrom1

Vineet Kumar declaimed:
> * Nicos Gollan (gtdev@spearhead.de) [030530 10:58]:
> > On Friday 30 May 2003 19:06, paul@mackinney.net wrote:
> > > This is silly question 1 of 3. Every time I restart, the /dev/cdrom
> > > symlink "magically" gets remapped to /dev/cdrom0. Which is the wrong
> > > device, so I su and delete it and make a new symlink pointing to
> > > /dev/cdrom1, and then I reboot and it's pointing back to /dev/cdrom0...
> > 
> > You're using devfs which means that the whole /dev structure is generated 
> > dynamically. You'll have to edit /etc/devfsc.conf (search for cdrom) to 
> > preserve the change.
> I think you just had a typo there; the real filename is
> /etc/devfs/devfsd.conf

No, I don't have that file, just a directory /etc/devfs/conf.d/ with a
file named mga-vid-common inside. This is probably due to my
(unsuccessful) attempt to install and use mga-vid. A little history:

I used to have an AMD K6-III in an ASUS P5-A motherboard. Somehow,
starting with the Debian kernel-package and customizing it (my strategy
is to start with the Debian config file and cautiously turn off
un-needed features, build and install with make-kpkg), I had gotten
things into a state where devfs was installed but there were no config
files in /etc, the only way it would boot was if I specified
"devfs=nomount" as a kernel option. The devfs docs refered to some
default conf files that would make things work, but I never found them.

Then the system started spontaneously restarting (hunch=motherboard), so
I swapped out the motherboard and CPU, now using a Soyo SY-7VMA-B
motherboard with a Celeron 566, running the debian 2.4.20 kernel for
Celeron. One of these days I'll customize it, when I'm willing to hack
through all the booting issues and spend a day getting my sound, cdrw,
and dvd to work again.

I notice that <kernel source>/fs/ contains stuff for both 'devfs' and
'devpts', but the Documentation folder just has a devfs folder. devpts
is mounted to /dev/pts, don't know if this is the same or different than
devfs. Any spare cycles of explanation or pointer to further docs

Paul Mackinney

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