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DVD ripping in 100 words or less

Got a flakey DVD so I figured a good time to try this stuff out.

I'm looking for a short overview of dvd ripping and what (or more why) 
codecs to select.

I've got all the tools and libraries installed and I'm trying out two 
front-ends: dvd::rip, and acidrip.

I used acidrip and was able to generate a avi image in about 15 or so
minutes that plays just fine.  I used the default "copy" settings for
codec and audio.

Then I tried out dvd::rip, which seems much more feature rich and 
followed the instructions at:


Section 3 (pulling the vob files) went very fast, but section 4
"transcode" has been running at 99% CPU for about 7 hours now.  I
selected xvid for the video codec and mp3 for the audio.  I did select
the "dilyuvmmx" deinterlace filter, but no for deinterlace mode.

Can someone explain the huge difference in time?  And also what codes to 
select and when I might pick each?  Using acidrip was fast, but I don't 
have any chapter data stored, so it's not easy to skip around during 
playback.  I guess I'm looking for a very general overview to help limit 
my choices.

Oh, now dvd::rip just went on to "pass 2" with elapsed at 07:27:34, ETA 
1882:23:44.  I think 1,882 1/2 hours is too long to wait at 99% CPU 

BTW for "clip & zoom" I selected just a little for the 1st clipping, and 
zero zoom and zero 2nd clipping.


Bill Moseley

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