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emu10k1, dsp and app lockup

Hello everyone,

I guess I haven't yet figured out Linux' sound architecture, so here's
my problem, hoping some of you might help me :

I just installed the latest emu10k1 driver for my SB Live sound card.
Downloaded it from http://sourceforge.net/projects/emu10k1. The driver
installed itself properly, it sounds ok (minus a few minor glitches that
I corrected).

Now ....

Let's say I run XMMS and XCDRoast, and XCDRoast bumps a sound warning
tru my /dev/dsp device, the sound will play OK, but then I'd be stuck
with a hung application (xcdroast, of course).

At first I thought that if I changed the output from esd to oss in xmms
it'd solve it, but no go. Whatever I choose in xmms won't affect the
fact that XCDRoast hangs.

I'm running debian unstable (dist-upgraded twice a week) with gnome 2.2
and kernel 2.4.20.

btw.. why does my current user have to run esd in gnome2.2 ? I've said
it, I have to knowledge of Linux' sound architecture.

Thanks in advance,


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