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Re: Does partition change affect MBR boot?

> Wei Wang wrote:
> Hi, all,
> In order to enable hibernation for linux on my laptop, I have
> to prepare the second primary partition to be
> an empty 1gig-sized formatted FAT16 partition for hibernation. For
> short, Debian is on hda 5 at the moment. If I divide
> the first partition into two partitions, does that mean hda5 will be
> hda6 instead and MBR would still boot
> on hda5 and Debian wouldn't boot at all?

hda5 would remain hda5. That's because Linux always numbers the
extended/logical partitions starting at hda5 regardless of how many
primary partitions you have. So as long as your Debian partition is the
first one inside the extended partition, it will be hda5.


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