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nagios - web interface

I just installed nagios-mysql from unstable.

I had used Netsaint before, so getting it to basically work wasn't too
bad.  However, that said, I'm unable to see details from the web

I can see the nagios web page at http://localhost/nagios/, and pages
like "View Config" and "Event Log" work fine.  But all of the monitoring
pages that use cgi's give the err msg:

Whoops! Error: Could not read host and service status information!

..... and a whole lot more about how nagios might not be started, etc.

I've checked everything that is suggested, but still no go.

I know nagios is working as I can view the logs manually and see
ping warnings, etc.  I can also check the mysql DB and see entries in

I just can't see the monitoring pages on the web interface.

Would appreciate any suggestions.


Kevin Coyner
mailto: kevin@rustybear.com
GnuPG key: 1024D/8CE11941

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