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Re: misterious kernel message on booting

Mauro Darida wrote:

On Friday 16 May 2003 15:26, Kent West wrote:
I suspect that you have usbmgr installed, but don't have USB support
properly configured in your kernel/modules. But that's just a guess.
After checking I can say that usbmgr is not installed. On booting the kernel says it detects my two usb ports using UHCI. I installed and run usbutils which report no error or warning. Actually I have never used usb devices so far, but maybe is there a package which can check any misconfiguration ?
Having deleted the rest of this thread several days ago, and having no memory, I can't recall the context of this posting. Since you're playing with USB devices, and since you don't have usbmgr installed, you might try installing usbmgr and see what happens.

Another tool that may be of value to you is usbview.


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