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Re: multimedia keyboard


Thank you for answering.
I found the 'xev' program and run it. Unfortunately, when I pressed the "extra" buttons, it didn't recognized anything. When I pushed the regular buttons (enter, tab, space), it wrote a lot of information. What should I do?

Some information (in case if You need them):

Logitech Internet Navigator, USB.
I have 2.4.21-rc2 kernel.
I'm using the 'uhci.o' and 'hid.o' module, and I have compiled in the 'Input core support --> Input core support'
'                   --> Keyboard support'


Levai Daniel

Gary Hennigan wrote:

You're using X windows? If so you can use /usr/bin/X11/xev. If you're
talking about the Linux console then you can use showkey.
Here's how I do what you're trying to do in X with the sawfish window

        1) Get the keycode(s) via xev

        2) Create a script with commands like:
                xmodmap -e 'keycode 223=F20'
                xmodmap -e 'keycode 158=F21'

        where 223 and 158, for example, are the keycode I found using
        (Note that I'm using F20, F21, etc., since those are already
        defined key symbols, but I don't have them on my
        keyboard. There is a way to define your own key symbols, but
        that info long ago dropped off the top of my memory stack).

        3) Now I go into sawfish customization (middle mouse on
           background)->Customize->Bindings and use sawfishes little
           GUI to assign these keys to some function. I assume other
           window managers have similar functionality.


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