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Hello list!

I've installed debian 3.0 and kde 2.2.2 and Im trying
to install Ksnuffle (Its an sniffer). When i compiled
it i got an error but i dont understand anything. 
It looks like this:

knd_pcapmon.cpp: In method 'const char *
KNDPCapMon::SubsTime(const char *, SString &, long
knd_pcapmon.cpp:251: implicit declaration of fuction
'int localtime(...)'
knd_pcapmon.cpp:251: implicit declaration of fuction
'int strftime(...)'
make[3]:***[knd_pcapmon.o]Error 1
make[3]:Leaving directory
make[2]:*** [all-recursive] Error 1
make[2]:Leaving directory
make[1]:*** [all-recursive] Error 1
make[1]:Leaving directory '/root/ksnuffle-2.2'
make:***[all-recursive-am]Error 2

Well I dont know if this message helps to understand
the error, bu if anybody had installed Ksnuffle or
have any idea how i can solve this problem, i
appreciate your help.

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