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Re: upgrading glibc on Debian ?

On Wed, 2003-05-14 at 15:37, David Z Maze wrote:
> Hamid <mylists@spils.com> writes:
> But compiling the C library, which really every program on your system
> depends upon at least indirectly, is hairy, if you screw it up your
> system will be unusable, and convincing programs to use a random
> installation of it can be tricky.  Why do you think you want to do
> this?  Do you think it will be easier than upgrading to Debian testing
> or unstable, with the associated pitfalls?

How hazardous or full of dependancies would this be:
  # CC=gcc-3.2
  # CFLAGS='-Wall -O2 -march=athlon'
  # apt-get --compile source libc6='2.3.1-16'
  # dpkg -i <.....>

(No, I don't need to read why CPU-specific packages are a waste of

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