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Re: messed up stable install

Thanks for the response and sorry about the lack of pertinent 

I don't have the error messages with me but they were related to Perl 
not being able to find certain modules in @INC.  It appears that I have 
some abortion of different Perl versions installed or partially installed.

I will collect the error messages this evening and post them.

On 13 May 2003 at 10:09, Gary Hennigan wrote:

> "John Basso" <john.p.basso@lmco.com> writes:
> > I maintain a web server at home which has been running
> > Debian stable.  In a momentary lapse of reason I attempted
> > to upgrade this system to testing.  This upgrade did not
> > complete successfully.  Specifically my Perl installation
> > seems to be inoperable.
> > 
> > I am now trying to reverse this by downgrading back to
> > stable.  I've compiled a list of installed packages and
> > the versions contained in stable.  I plan to manually
> > install the stable versions.  The problem I am having is
> > that because the Perl installation is not working I cannot
> > seem to make any progress.
> > 
> > Does anyone have a suggestion short of a complete
> > re-install?
> It would probably be more helpful if you fed us some of the
> error messages you're getting.
> Gary
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John Basso
Raytheon Systems Company

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