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Re: Probarbly a stupid question .... !

Paul Johnson wrote:

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On Sun, May 04, 2003 at 08:16:29PM +0100, Dave Selby wrote:
1. I used mozilla to compose the pages, I have set the links to absolute ... when a browser looks at my pages it accesses the hard disk not the web site ! OK I could change every single one, and there are a lot, to relative, Don't suppose there is an easy way ?

Use amaya and make them relative links instead.

2. I cant find a manual or help for gFTP, man page is about command line use, nothing on google. I finally figured out I need ASCII mode for HTML and binary mode for jpeg, png, gif ... Anyone know of a manual I can download ?

You can use binary mode to transmit and recieve anything, but you have
to use binary mode for anything that isn't flat text.  Just use binary
and pretend the distinction doesn't exist.  If you're just using FTP
to upload web pages, amaya can automate this as well.

3. Ref no manual ! Having previously downloaded files and folders to my site, I can remote select all, delete, all the files go but not the folders ???? They seem to be stuck, I can however re-name the folders ? How to I completely wipe my web space ready for a fresh download ?

rmdir/mkdir to remove and make folders. mv is the universal
rename/move command.

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amaya, found it on DVD, looks interesting, will give it a try, will try all in binary mode + rmdir, will have to go to command line, I assume through ftp since gFTP doesnt want to do it.

Will e-mail again if I get stuck

Many thanks

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