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Re: Email setup

On Sun, May 04, 2003 at 11:23:52PM +1000, Russell Shaw wrote:

> Hi,
> I'm using mozilla that gets it's incoming mail from a pop3 account on a
> dialup isp. I want to set up a more elaborate system.
> Do 'conventional' ISPs only allow mail access thru pop3 or imap, or can
> you get your email by making exim on your own pc get mail via smtp from
> the MTA at the ISP over a dialup line?

My experience in the UK is that the majority of ISP's only allow mail
*collection* from a pop3 account.  What you are looking for is mail
*delivery* via smtp to an MTA such as exim running on your machine.  The
MTA doesn't 'get' mail from the ISP, it takes delivery of the mail
forwarded to it

You'll have to ask the ISP whether they provide smtp delivery.  They may
offer it as an extra paid for service.  Alternatively, you could
register your own domain and have mail forwarded to it.  Depending on
who you get the forwarding service from you may find this route gives
you more versatility.
> If not, could i use:
>      isp--->(smtp over ppp dialup)--->fetchmail--->exim--->procmail--->MUA

The fetchmail step isn't needed.  You will need the cooperation of the
ISP to do

       isp--->(smtp over ppp dialup)--->exim       

>      isp<---(smtp over ppp dialup)-----------------exim<---------------MUA

I expect you are doing this at present as it is the normal way of
getting mail off your system and having an ISP's smarthost deliver it to
a recipient.
> I've been reading up on email systems all week.

You might want to look at how to run your own nameserver and set up exim
to do

     direct delivery to recipient<---(smtp over ppp dialup)----exim<---MUA


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