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Re: New Kernel, no network

Guilherme Viebig wrote:
> I?ve compiled kerner 2.4.20 with the correct network drivers, rtl and
> e100...
> The only thing that?s not working is the network. Can it be a DHCP client
> problem?

If your first statement is true then your second statement is
probably false.  And the reverse.

Recheck your kernel configuration.  If you were compling those into
the kernel then you would not need to load them as a module.  But if
you created a modular kernel then you would need to put them in
/etc/modules and load them.  Boot back to your previous kernel and
double check the configurations.  Switching between the old working
kernel and your new working kernel should be able to point to
differences in the new kernel configuration.

You said rtl implying either the rtl8139 driver or the 8139too driver,
and e100 for the ether express pro 100 driver.  Neither are typically
laptop drivers AFAIK so you must not be using pcmcia.  pcmcia needs
special considerations for network configuration.  But I can only
assume here that you are not running on a laptop.

As far as DHCP goes, if it can't get to the network then it won't work
either.  If DHCP was working before and you did not change anything
there then it is probably still working now.  As soon as you get the
network driver loaded it will be able to talk to the network and
broker an IP address.  If DHCP had never worked before then we don't
know anything, but DHCP is very reliable so I doubt it.

Check 'dmesg' for boot time information.  Check 'lspci'.  Check
/etc/network/interfaces.  Check ifconfig output.


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