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Re: vga in lilo

you made me curious and I tried to compile again. If I remove both 8x8 and 
8x16, I get  a compilation error: #error No fonts configured. So it seems 
that at least one driver is needed. After having tried both separately, I 
could see that the VGA 8x16 font" gives better results (or the result I 

> Pierre Burri <pierre@globeall.de> wrote:
> > Hi there,
> > so, finally after a few kernel compilation it works! thanks a lot to all
> > that answered.
> > Actually I had the FrameBuffer support activated. What was probably
> > missing were (since I tried a few times) the following options:
> > "VGA 8x8 font" as y
> > "VGA 8x16 font" as y
> > "8 until 32 bpp packed pixels support" as y
> I suspect you would find that you don't need the "VGA 8x8 font" or the "VGA
> 8x16 font".
> Kevin

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