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Re: Debian pkg-handling tools, how to do this?

On Fri, May 02, 2003 at 08:21:56PM -0400, Soren Andersen wrote:
> Hello, my Daily Friends at Debian-Users-central,
<snipped some details here>
> Using Debian package-management tools, is there a way in which I can
> achive this aim: ask for the *dependencies* of a package named (like
> "heimdal-dev") to be *downloaded* to the current directory, but not
> installed (!!!) -- just fetched so I can transfer them to my (mostly
> -offline) other system, where they are actually needed?
> Does anyone know, has somebody already written this? :-)

How about apt-get using --download-only flag.  It will put them in
/var/cache/apt/archives, and you can then copy/remove the .deb files
from there.  Mind you this will download the heimdal-dev file as well.

- Chris

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