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Debian pkg-handling tools, how to do this?

Hello, my Daily Friends at Debian-Users-central,

I have what I hope is an interesting question for a change. I need to
install devel files to support a package I am building from source --
non-Debian -- that pertains to IMAP and the WU C-client.

I find I cannot build it unless I have some kerberos headers and libs on
hand. I am told by the docs I also need some PAM stuff, and SSL. But
first to the kerberos stuff. I find I want to install the devel packages
but if possible, not the user binaries (that is, as the sysadmin I don't
need the complications of more software that I don't understand and DON'T
HAVE THE TIME to study as yet). So I looked around and it seems that
"heimdal-dev" might be the kerberos-5 Debian package I might be after.
But it lists about 8 packages as dependencies (as seen on
www.debian.org), libs that constitute pieces of the overall Heimdal

Using Debian package-management tools, is there a way in which I can
achive this aim: ask for the *dependencies* of a package named (like
"heimdal-dev") to be *downloaded* to the current directory, but not
installed (!!!) -- just fetched so I can transfer them to my (mostly
-offline) other system, where they are actually needed?

Does anyone know, has somebody already written this? :-)

     Soren Andersen
GnuPG public key fingerprint:  BD26 A5D8 D781 C96B 9936  310F 0573 A3D9 4E24 4EA6

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