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Re: CPU recommendations - comments

On Sat, May 03, 2003 at 01:52:07AM -0700, calyth wrote:
> If you got patience, you could probably make something out of a 
> cardboard tube so that the airflow would be directed out of the case. 

That stands a good chance of making it run hotter, due to the tube
restricting the airflow. You'd need an unfeasibly wide tube, I think.

> Or you could put a fan on the side panel right above the heat sink and
> have them both exhaust the air out.

I'd rather the side panel fan blew in, to supply the coolest possible
air to the vicinity of the CPU heatsink.

Course, what we really need are chips rated to run at over 100 deg C
and total-loss evaporative water cooling systems, with which to build
computers that make the tea.


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