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Re: Upgrading the Samba Debian package

On Tue, Apr 29, 2003 at 06:50:25PM -0500, Doug MacFarlane wrote:
> I have a production server running Sarge (please, save the flames).

I have several running woody...

> It's running great, with a few minor exceptions.
> One exception is some odd file-save and Quickbooks behavior that I
> believe is attributable to issues with Opportunistic Locking that have
> been fixed in Samba 2.2.7.

I suspect I'm getting the same problem on woody with XP clients. I've not
been able to find much information about it. The best I've been able to
find was at:


but my German is almost non-existant so I can only guess what it is saying

In order to keep everyone happy I've put "oplocks=no" and "strict
locking=yes" on each share but I'm worried that this will cause performance

Is there a better solution? As more people switch to Windows XP this could
present more problems for debian users :(

Mike Crowe <mac2@mcrowe.com>

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