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Re: CPU recommendations - comments

On Sat, 2003-05-03 at 17:54, Paul Johnson wrote:
> How the heck do you mount the fan that way?

My board has the CPU right in front of the bottom casefan. I used to
have this fan (I have a full tower) blowing out, the top fan blowing
out, and the front blowing in. Also had the CPU fan sucking out from the

With the Ahlon 1400 and this setup, I could achieve average temps of

Got to fiddling one day, and made the bottom case blow IN, the top blow
out, the front blow in, and the CPU fan blow in instead of sucking out,
and I now get regular temps of 47deg. Big difference for a few fan
rearrangements. (This was in the middle of an Aussie summer to, which
can be quite hot, 40 deg+).

Maybe the argument of having airflow sideways like that is a good one, I
don't know, not an expert in these things, but it definitely worked for


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