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Re: CPU recommendations - comments - sideways

On Sat, 3 May 2003, Paul Johnson wrote:

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> > for amd cpu's, i tend to blow air sideways across the heatsink instead
> > of onto the cpu
> How the heck do you mount the fan that way?

for mid-tower cases ... i have brackets that mounts blowers facing the
cpu ...  brackets go where the agp card is but closer to the cpu

	zalman heatsinks does something different with its flower-shaped
	heatsinks ( no itty-bitty fans on the heatsink and uses brackets
	w/ larger fans )

for 1U boxes ... i use skinny blowers and and 3 cpu side fans that
can either blow air in or suck air out ( seems better )
	- better cooling is highly dependent of fan manufacturer,
	and fan blade designs ( or so it seems )

current cooling problems ... 3Ghz P4 in 10" deep 1U w/ 2x 250GB of disks
	-- cpu cooling fans goes next to the motherboard

	-- what i call reasonable/inexpensive cpu cooling in 1U boxes 
	( fans are by the "circles" in the green chassis )

- better coooling ... means longer cpu life ( also applies to disk drives,
  memory, etc, where "expected" lifespan degrades from its rated MTBF )


	( cpu temp should be 35-45 range ( bios hw monitor) ...
	( anything higher than that means you should shoot for better
	( cooling 

- other people have working fanless 1Ghz machines .. in 1U boxes :-)
	( still in r/d stages i guess, not even a powersupply fan 
	( and no liquids either, no peltier, ...

c ya

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