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Re: CPU recommendations - comments

On Sat, 3 May 2003, Haralambos Geortgilakis wrote:

> Could someone offer recommendations for a motherboard and 1.5 to 2 Ghz 
> CPU that perform well with Debian?   Cost is a consideration.

if cost is an issue .. you should be able to buy these parts blindfolded
at most retailers  (  http://www.linux-1u.net/WebStores for comparson
shopping )

$ 75	asus p4s333-vm  
$ 63	celeron-1.7 400FSB 128K L2  ( p4 style pinout )
$150	p4-1.7 400fsb 512K

	== p4 ==
	watch out for FSB speeds 400FSB vs 533FSB
	watch out for 256K L2 cache vs 512K L2 cache

$ 85	asus A7N266-vm
$ 75	athlon xp2000+
xxx	duron for celeron comparison

both mb has onboard svga, onboard nic
	--- if you want game quality video, use your fav video card
	( onboard video is usually good for 1280x1024 - 16 bit )

	--- if you have heavy duty NIC loads, mpeg stuff, dont use 
	onboard rtl nics

memory ... use highest numbered PC-xxxx ddr you can afford
	pc-133  or pc-2100 or pc-2700 or pc-3200 or pc-4200 or ...

> Athlons seem to work pretty well for many people and are somewhat
> cheaper than equivalent Intels. Remember when choosing the MB to go
> with the CPU that the x in "Athlon x XP" is not the real clock rate -
> that is somewhat lower, eg. Athlon 1800 XP uses a 1.533GHz clock.
> Take care putting the heatsink on because it is in direct contact with
> the back of the chip! Don't forget thermal transfer compound, but
> don't overdo it.

make sure air flow across the heatsinks and within the chassis, that
air is flowing only in one direction ...   air does NOT bend at 90 degrees
	( whomever put fans on top of the heatsink was a nutty one
	( trying to save $$$ on heatsink and fans and now we're stuck with
	( those costs saving idea from 20 yrs ago

> The processor will be a bit strangled if you use SDRAM, so go for DDR

most people already using the wrong memory for the motherboards
since the higher speed pc-3200 and pc-4300 memory is not as cost effective
and readily available


266FSB	--> DDR266 --> PC-2100
333FSB	--> DDR333 --> PC-2700
400FSB	--> DDR400 --> PC-3200
533FSB	--> DDR533 --> PC-4300

cpu comparasons

c ya

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