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need comment on ipkg and dpkg

Hi everyone,

	I am building a small distribution for my 486 laptop from my
friend.  It is a IBM thinkpad with only 1 floppy drive, 2 pcmcia pc
card slots, 1 172MB harddisk and 12MB RAM.  I installed dos in a 15MB
partition for possible hardware initiatization.  The rest is for Linux.
I installed Debian 3.0 but it was so big that it left me no room for
other useful stuff.  I planned to build my own distribution based on
uClibc and I wanted a small and simple package management system.  I find
busybox provide dpkg and dpkg-deb, but somewhere in the mailing list
someone mentioned iPKG too.  Can anyone tell me which one is better in
terms of:

1. control program size
2. metadata size
3. simplicity of building package
4. usability/functionality and
5. stability?

Thank you for your comment.

Edwin ERTW Lau

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