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Re: What to backup?

On Fri, 2 May 2003, Michael Kahle wrote:

> I just recently inherited a DLT1 tape drive from a friend!  :)  I ordered 4
> DLT tapes and a cleaning tape.  I have downloaded and installed Arkeia to
> use as my backup software.  My question for all is what should I backup?  Or
> perhaps more importantly what shouldn't I bother backing up?  I have a ton
> of data on this machine, but a small percentage of it changes frequently.
> What I would like is advice on what things could I skip backing up?  I want
> to do a rotation like the following:
> Week1: Full backup first day, incremental the rest of the days.
> Week2: Full backup first day, incremental the rest of the days.
> [...]

when doing incremental backups, i say, make sure you backup since the last
full backup ... otherwise,one day, your incremental backups will fail
and all subsquent backups will be worthless till the next full backup
	- if wed's backup fail,s thur, fri, sat will not have wed's files
	unless you backup the last n-days since the last full backup

stuff to backup
	- put all your config files into /etc
	- put all your data in /home   
	- put /usr/local/src  in /home/local ???

	- keep a copy of your "selections"  in /etc or floppy for recovery

	rest of the system is already backed up for you, free of charge
	all over the web and is also already on your cdrom

backup scripts 

if you accidentally delete stuff ... unless backup has already been done,
you will need to undelete the old fashion way
- dont delete it unless you know (100%) the files is the ones you wanna
- alias rm to rm -i  .. and other tricks

- undelete apps  ( see undelete section )

c ya

> I know that /proc is not necessary to back up, but what else?  I want to use
> as little tape as possible (these tapes are expensive) and backup only what
> is necessary to restore the machine to the state it was in before the crash.
> I also want the data on the tape in case I delete something accidentally.

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