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Re: CPU recommendations

On Fri, 02 May 2003 10:44:26 -0400, alex <radsky@ncia.net> claimed:

> A bit off topic for this list but I haven't been able to find any up
> to date documentation about the relative merits of the various brands
> of CPUs especially for use with Debian. My only experience has been
> with the Intel P2 333MHz and I plan to upgrade with a new faster
> motherboard.
> Could someone offer recommendations for a motherboard and 1.5 to 2 Ghz
> CPU that perform well with Debian?   Cost is a consideration.

I don't know of any recent benchmarks/tests, but I've been using an
Athlon XP with a Gigabyte 7VTXE Motherboard for about one and a half
year now with nearly no problems (the on-board VIA sound chip is still
not properly supported).  In any case, I don't believe that there's a
big difference between the different CPUs/Chipsets etc.  Anyway, it
depends on what you want to do (scientific calculations? server? office?
development? gaming?).

You might be interested in


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