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Re: rescue a partition...ok, im freakin out a little

Use fdisk to change the partition type.
fdisk /dev/hdd
Use t and chose the partition (1 at a guess)
Then chose the partition type, it should be b (Win95 FAT32) or c (WIN95 FAT32 

On Friday 02 May 2003 6:36 am, karrottop wrote:
> ok, parted was able to find my partiton but here is what it returned
> from the print command
> Disk geometry for /dev/hdd: 0.000-76319.085 megabytes
> Disk label type: msdos
> Minor    Start       End     Type      Filesystem  Flags
> 1         16.882  31996.000  primary   hfs
> This does not mount, especially since the filesystem is not correct, it
> is not hfs it is a vfat partition.  As a matter of fact, on this
> particular disk I have not even had an hfs partition, yet it does label
> it msdos.  The size does appear to be correct, I formatted to maximum
> vfat size which is 32gig.  So, is it possible for me to change the
> Filesystem type, or whatever else I might need to change to get it to
> mount?  It more than likely was not a primary partition either, so I am
> not sure what that is going to mean, there were no Os's on this drive,
> it was simply a middle ground between my WinXP install on ntfs and my
> linux install.  (each on independant disks)  Now, in case it matters
> there at one point was an hfs filesystem on my /dev/hdb but I have not
> used that for some time now and as you can see, I am not "working" with
> that drive.
> On Thu, 2003-05-01 at 12:19, Kevin McKinley wrote:
> > On 30 Apr 2003 20:15:23 -0400
> >
> > karrottop <karrottop@fuse.net> wrote:
> > > Ok, I was trying to format some of the unused disk space on my /dev/hdd
> > > drive.  and it did not seem to work, so I got worried that I did
> > > something wrong.  I then went back to my console and navigated to my
> > > /mnt/hdd1 and it seemed fine.  So, I rebooted because I could not
> > > figure out how to do it and was going to head into my windows partition
> > > and just format it there.  but I noticed that it told me that I had 70
> > > something unused mb, thats not good, I should have had a vfat parition
> > > on there.  So I booted back to linux and found that I in fact screwed
> > > something up dearly.  Now, knowing that there was no massive disk write
> > > I am sure that this can be fixed, or at least I sure hope, but I am
> > > extremely nervous because I have no idea how to fix it.  Thanks, and I
> > > reallllly look forward to your replies
> >
> > Once you recover your partitions (or re-install), mount a floppy and do
> > "fdisk -ul >/floppy/part.table.<date>". This will save the information
> > you need, to do what you're now trying to do.
> >
> > Kevin

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