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Re: Removing a user

On Fri, 2003-05-02 at 04:32, Dave Selby wrote:
> I need to cleanly remove a user from my system, I can remove him by
> going into KDE system>user manager but he still exists in /home/....
> can I just
> rm -rf /home/user
> Or am I asking for trouble ? Seems a bit brutal to me !


deluser --remove-home username

Or, if you really want to make sure all traces of the user are gone:

deluser --remove-all-files username

(I'd strongly suggest using --backup with --remove-all-files) This will
get rid of all files on the system owned by username. This can cause
problems at times. And it takes quite a while. Check the man page for
deluser for more info.

Alex Malinovich
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