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Re: newbie question about inn.conf and cron job

    "sinbad" == vcharlie  <sinbad> writes:

    sinbad> Okay, I really don't understand what this Internet news
    sinbad> stuff is, and may not need it, since I am not a
    sinbad> "constantly connected" part of the Interntet. So . . .
    sinbad> should I

    sinbad> 1) edit inn.conf (to say what?)  2) delete /etc/cron.d
    sinbad> /inn2 (would it break something else?)  3) do something
    sinbad> else 4) do nothing (just periodically delete endless error
    sinbad> messages like those listed above)

    sinbad> Please don't say "rtfm xxxx".  If I could, I would . . .

Sounds like you need to purge the inn2 installation.

apt-get remove --purge inn2 inn2-inews

or some minor variation thereof should do the trick. Sounds like you
really do not need inn.


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