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Re: X problem in apt-get upgrade

On Wed, 30 Apr 2003 21:13:50 -0400
Jerome Acks Jr <jracksjr@bellatlantic.net> wrote:

Many thanks for your reply.

> $ file /usr/bin/X11
> /usr/bin/X11: symbolic link to ../X11R6/bin

Yes, I have this.

> /usr/bin/X11 should be in package xfree86-common 4.2.1 and debian/GNU
> does not have a realplayer package anymore in stable, testing or
> unstable.
> dpkg --force-overwrite -i
> /var/cache/apt/archives/xfree86-common_4.2.1-6_all.deb should allow
> xfree86-common to install

I did this, and everything seemed to install correctly.  However, is there
any significance in the fact that  x-window-system-core, xbase-clients,
xlibmesa3, xprt, are still being held back?

- Richard.
Richard Kimber

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