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Re: One last try...

Z wrote:

What do I have to do to get this thing (X) installed so I can log in as
root?  Frankly, I couldn't do it in the other distributions either, but
they at least allowed me to offer the password and do most changes.
When the graphical log in comes up on boot, how do you get around it so
you can log in as root?  Or is there a way to log in as root when you
are already logged in as a routine user from a counsel or terminal?

As others have mentioned, you really don't want to run X as root as a general rule. You're better off using sudo.

Or if you want, you can log into X as a normal user, open a terminal (xterm, Eterm, Aterm, Gnome Terminal, KTerminal, etc), and then use "su -" which will ask for the root password. That'll make you root in that terminal window, and it may (or may not - I think it's changed from version to version) automagically set up your authorization to run graphics apps as root in the X session in which you're logged in as a normal user. If you do this, change the background of this terminal window to reverse video, or change the color, or tweak your prompt to scream something like "WARNING: YOU ARE RUNNING AS ROOT> " in flashing neon colors, so you'll always know, hopefully, that you're not a normal user when you run "RunMeToWinTenThousandDollars-anderaseyoursystemandspamyourexwifeslawyer.bin".

If you really want to log into X as root, there are a couple of different ways. One is to edit the configuration files for your session manager (KDM, GDM, etc). You'd probably want to search the archives or google for the specifics on doing this.

The other way is to shell out to a virtual terminal (Ctrl-Alt-F2 fer instance), log in as root there, and then start up a second instance of X with a command like "startx -- :1" (the first instance would be :0). If you don't want two instances of X running (the first as a normal user and the second as root - switch between them with Ctrl-Alt-F7/F8), or if your graphics card doesn't like that and hangs your system, you'll have to first shut down your session manager, with a command like "/etc/init.d/kdm stop", and then just start X with the normal "startx" command. Now you're all set, with a loaded gun and a rousing finger-tapping tune playing in the background. Have fun!


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