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Re: Switched from ext2 to ext3...no fsck needed after crash?

Willem-Jan Meijer said:
> Hello all,
> I just switched from ext2 to ext3 because i've read you don't have to fsck
> it after a crash (power supply failure)
> So I made a journal and changed in /etc/fstab the ext2 to ext3 and i've
> done a reboot.
> When I do mount I see /dev/hda1 is mounted as ext3.
> I just want to be sure...when I get a crash and the computer resets
> itself...I don't have to do a forced fsck?

not a fsck in the traditional sense, the journal has to be checked
but that goes much much faster. if you had a lot of disk writes going
on at the time of the failure it may take a bit of time but still probably
10-20x+ faster then a normal fsck.

on my redhat 7.3 system with 5x9GB drives in hardware raid 5(1.5GB ram),
it takes about 4-5 seconds to do a jorunal check after an unclean

much faster then ext2..and if you were around in the 2.0.x days ext2
back then was REAAAAAAAAAAAAAAALY slow to fsck, I remmeber how happy
I was to be able to upgrade to the newer ext2 format in the 2.2 kernels
it probably halved the fsck time for the system.


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