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Re: Procmail and Courier IMAP

Here is my .procmailrc working with Postfix+Courier-IMAP

On Sat, 26 Apr 2003 08:04:04 -0700
moseley@hank.org wrote:

> Yet another IMAP question...
> I don't fully understand what folder options I have for delivering
> mail in Maildir format, and how it relates to specific imap programs.
> For one thing, I have a top level INBOX, and I'm not sure if that's
> required or if I can have other top-level folders, or if they all have
> to be below INBOX.
> I don't normally deliver my mail to an "inbox", but rather I like to
> deliver mail to individual mail boxes (folders).  One problem with a
> top-level INBOX is that a number of email client then indent all the
> folders below INBOX wasting valuable screen space. ;)
> I'm using Exim, but I'm using procmail to write the mail to Maildir.  
> Courier is the imap server.  Exim is not setup for Maildir delivery.
> In .procmailrc I'm using:
> MAILDIR=${HOME}/Maildir/
> Then to deliver to a folder I use this.  I'm not clear if I need to
> use the dot as a prefix or not, and if so, why.
> :0
> * ^X-Mailing-List:.*debian-user
> .debian-user/
> # Default mailbox
> :0
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