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Re: Forcing modem to dial in absence of dialtone

On Fri 25 Apr 2003 23:01:56 +0000(+0100), Pigeon wrote:
> I am currently staying with my parents and am having
> severe problems trying to connect via dialup.
> The problem is that they have a telco-based 'answering
> machine' which signals the presence of waiting messages
> with an intermittent dialtone. The modem thinks this is an
> invalid dialtone, reports NO DIAL TONE and I cannot dial out.
> I have tried deleting all the ABORT strings in
> /etc/chatscripts/provider, but this does not help.
> I have tried replacing the expected CONNECT string with
> 'NO DIAL TONE' but this does not help either.
> In desperation I have tried lifting the telephone receiver
> and making dialtone noises with my vocal chords to try and fool
> the modem; this doesn't work either (not entirely to my
> surprise).

It's good for a laugh though. Maybe you'd have had more luck recording the tone on tape and playing it back.

If that's the British Telecom answering system you can suppress the intermittent tone without losing any messages. Dial 1571 to get the messages. I think you can just hang up shortly afterwards. If that doesn't work you may need to listen to a bit of each new message. As long as you don't explicitly delete messages they should be saved.


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