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Re: Help me to config my modem in debian

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On Thu, Apr 24, 2003 at 08:21:04PM +0100, Partha Sarathy wrote:
> Hi , I'm Sarathy calling from India.I need to know whether the 
> following modem is supporting linux.

That's nice.  Asking three times isn't going to help you get help, but
will succeed in annoying (and thus alienating) people.  Asking once
and waiting 3-7 days before trying again with more detail will.
Please read ESR's guide to smart questions to help increase your odds
of a successful call for help.


>  D-Link DFM-560IS+ (internal) 56K 

Not sure if this is a winmodem or not...if it is, you're probably
SOL.  If not, it'll work as-is, no driver required.  Pretty much all
non-USB external modems are guaranteed to work with Linux out of the
box and even shitty external modems tend to perform better than most
internal modems and all winmodems.

> How to identify the ports (i.e COM1,.COM2,COM3,COM4 .. ) physically
> in the computer.I can't identify the port in which my modem is
> connected.

fire up minicom, start trying ports.  Type at it, if you get a
response or see the RX and TX lights blink (oops, sorry, only works on
externals...) you've found the right port.  /dev/ttyS0 is COM1 in
MS-WinDOS terms, ttyS1 is COM2, etc.

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