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Re: xserver-xfree86 4.3.0-0ds4: System lockup on KDM logout

On Thu, 2003-04-24 at 23:12, Paul Johnson wrote:
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> For those out there using the PenguinPPC.org xfree86 binaries and a
> Radeon VE, I have to wonder if anybody else is having problems with
> system lockups when you log out of kdm.  I haven't tried other display
> managers to see if it effects them, but I don't see why it wouldn't.
> Anybody have any luck in fixing this?
Yeah, Im seeing this too.  Its a hardlock from what I can tell.  I used
to see this with 2.4.21-pre series kernels plus xfree86 4.2.* as well.
But with 4.3 I see it with 2.4.19 as well. I also use the drm modules
from the 4.3 package.  Im cc-ing debian-x as people there might be able
to better help.

Scott Henson <debian-list@silvercoin.dyndns.org>

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