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Re: X Window Problem (Linux Rookie)

Ziv wrote:

I'm not new to computers (~20 years) but am new to Linux

I purchased several dist of Linux and from what I can tell I want to go with
Debian 3.0r1 unfortunately Debian is the only one I can't get to work except
the terminal and I don't know nearly enough to even get by using just that.

X won't load up.

I've tried for days now to get x to work.  I've installed Red Hat, copied
their (X) files, even tried a copy of Lindows (X) files to make a routine
debian install work.

I have the log files and am lost.  Could someone point me in the right

Here are the only problems I see in the logs, and I don't know why...
(WW) Cannot open APM

(EE) Unable to open /dev/agpgart (No such device)

(WW) I810(0): Monitor0: Using default hsync range of 28-33kHz
(WW) I810(0): Monitor0: using default vrefresh range of 43-72Hz

Fatal server error:
AddScreen/ScreenInit failed for driver 0

Everything else comes up (II)

I don't know what an APM is, or /dev/agpgart
The syncs are correct for the monitor...

I suspect I probably only need edit an init file, but don't know where to
begin or what to correct.

Thanks in advance for the shelter here...

My Mozilla has your posting marked as a reply to another thread (subject: "/var/lib...mdsums; sometimes is missin"). I can't "read" email headers, so I'm not sure that's the case, but if it is, you really shouldn't reply to another posting and change the subject line to start a new thread. I understand that it "breaks things".

APM is, I believe, Automatic Power Management; things like powering down the drive after so many minutes of inactivity, etc.

AGPGART has something to do with the AGP (Advanced Graphics Port?) port. I'm thinking that this is where your problem lies. I think agpgart either needs to be compiled into your kernel or needs to have an agpgart module loaded. Without it, your graphics card isn't functioning in some way, and therefore X won't start. Others can perhaps give you more specific info, but I'd suggest you start a new thread instead of replying to this message, so that your posting might get more readers.

You might also look in "dmesg|more" for any agp-related info.


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