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Re: X11 Server for ms windows

Organ Grinder wrote:
Hi All

Does anyone know of a X11 Server for ms windows? I've seen some for windows but there all eval... I have to use w2k for my workstation otherwise it would be linux on my desktop and not a problem.

Many Thanks

    Organ Grinder

Your best bet to get X functionality under M$ Windows is to use VNC. There are servers and clients for all sorts of archs & OSes including Windows and Linux. It is not true "X", but at a user level it is almost indistinguishable. It is "free", and slightly diffecult to setup. Just Google for "VNC" and you will get some sites to visit. The original developer is AT&T Labs in Cambridge that still has a site, but they are no-longer "in business" and doing active developement. The newer stuff is being developed under the name of "TightVNC".

Others have mentioned Cygwyn and it works too. It is free, but a bit more difficult to get setup than VNC, IMHO.

There are several commercial/shareware X systems available for M$ products. You can usually find them on any of the 3rd-party M$ software sites. Most allow a "demo" download for free but it is time-limited...usually 60 days or so. The best of the lot, IMHO, is X-Win32 from StarNet Communications. I have used it in the past, and at the time they offered NO time-limits on their "demo", but it was slightly crippled and your could only run one copy on a network. It is moderately difficult to setup... about like getting a sound card working on Debian. Most of these 3rd-party programs are aimed at the Corporate or University environment and want to sell large numbers of licenses. You can get a single license for about $100 U.S. There are others that I don't have recent experience with....(X-Server, X-Secure Pro from Labtun, INC.).

Bottom Line: If you want to minimize your investimet, use VNC or CYGWYN. If you REALLY want an X-sysem specific for M$, be prepared to spend some $$. In all cases be prepared to do some reading of the docs and some trouble-shooting before you get something you can use.

-Don Spoon-

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