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Re: DFSG-Free FPShooter

On Wed, Apr 23, 2003 at 05:54:18AM +0800, csj@mindgate.net wrote:
> The recent discussion about CounterStrike, Castle Wolfenstein and
> friends had me thinking.  Are there any DFSG-free first-person
> shooter in Debian?  "apt-cache search shooter" (among other
> patterns) didn't reveal anything interesting, only stuff like
> chromium.  A google search did reveal a couple of what appear to
> be DFSG-free FPS: nmaFPS, cube and the venerable quake2[1]. I'm
> more interested in the first-person simulation part rather than
> the mayhem.

I think Quake 2 and the Crystal Space engine are both available in
Debian. You'll be limited by the non-free nature of Q2's game content,
and Crystal Space isn't an actual game by itself, just a 3D engine.
However, there are some games based on Crystal Space you could look in

Other first-person shooter engines under the GPL include the original
Quake, Marathon/Aleph One, and (just recently) Duke Nukem 3D. I don't
think any of them are packaged for Debian, and all of them have the same
problem of having very little open source game content as Quake 2.
However, all 3 are mature engines that had the benefit of being
developed by a full-time paid staff that had to fix the bugs to sell the
game and make money.

Michael Heironimus

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